Photo Album: Holy Grail live @ Fubar (St. Louis, MO)

It’s not very often that I would replace the actual headliners name with a different band, however on this occasion I find it appropriate as I didn’t photograph the headlining act. I really had no plans to as I am not a huge fan of Wednesday 13, however I would have stuck around and photographed during one song if it weren’t for one factor. . . Wednesday 13 fans are pretentious Douche Bags! I have been to my fair share of concerts and believe me, I have never encountered a fan base so high upon themselves to pretend like the photographer for the tour doesn’t matter! Therefore, they don’t get the privilege of seeing the main act on our page. I will be the first to admit, this seems childish, however if you are going to threaten to beat up and “Kill” the photographer because your children allowed me to get in front of them for a few short minutes to get some great shots of the opening bands (that you don’t care about) then not only are you a disgrace to the metal community, karma will be coming for you one way or another!


I honestly don’t care about those fans and haven’t thought about that moment since that concert ended really, but I just want to get off my chest that if you treat people like shit at a concert you are in the wrong scene. . . their kids apologized for their parents behavior which I actually thought was hilarious, their kids were so embarrassed they felt the need to apologize for them, at least someone in that family will grow up and make a decent living in this world. Anyway aside from that, sorry for the rant, the show kicked major ass!! We had interviewed James-Paul Luna of Holy Grail earlier in the night who was about as nice as can be, and I knew that it would be a special night of metal with those dudes! We introduced ourselves to the rest of the band throughout the show, to find out they are as expected with a metal band, some of the nicest dudes you could meet! They were excited for our future and are anxious to work with us again. The first few bands on the bill were local being Murder Machine and Blackdeth, both of which I was unfamiliar with before the show, especially Murder Machine. Blackdeth I have known Eric Woods, guitarist, for a few years now. Always passes the horns if we pass in a public spot, stops to say hi if he sees me at a concert, I was happy to be able to shoot his band Blackdeth finally! I really enjoyed what they were doing, now it’s been a while since the show so I apologize that I don’t remember their entire sound, though if I remember correctly it had a very Sabbath feel to it, which I was totally digging! Next was touring act Death Division, again another act I was unfamiliar with at the time but they definitely got the crowd going regardless of who they were here to see. I really enjoyed their stage presence, very energetic and they had these glow in the dark anatomy mannequins on stage, that made for a strange but awesome viewing pleasure. In between sets I was able to catch Alex of Holy Grail in his natural element. . ok other than guitar, he is a Amateur Yo-Yo trickster that has performed in competitions and everything. . You’ll see the picture below, believe me its awesome!

On to Holy Grails Set, they took stage with full force. Handling the crowd as though they were the main act and there were moments where the crowd was none the wiser. Now this was my first time seeing Holy Grail and it will not be my last, their stage presence what like none other that I had seen before in such a small venue. The only band that topped their performance would have to have been Machine Head from earlier this year, but I mean come on its Machine Fuckin’ Head, of course they destroyed the stage!! Either way I really hope you all get a chance to check out Holy Grail live, and until then please enjoy the pictures I got. . it only does half the justice!


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