Photo Album: Royal Blood

There are very few instances in which I am more excited for the opening act than the headlining act. This was the case this past week when I saw Royal Blood open up for the Foo Fighters. Before you can even go there. . I Fucking love the Foo Fighters, they put on a phenomenal show the few times I have seen them and August 19th was no exception! However, I had just recently gotten into Royal Blood, I had gotten the photo pass through them and needless to say they were on tour with the Foo Fighters which means only one thing, they impressed Dave Grohl enough to get on tour with the Mighty FOO!! Therefore, since I was unable to shoot the Foo Fighters this time around, that was the most I will talk about them right there. . and I mean seriously if you missed this show you must be out of your mind!


Royal Blood, whom I found out at the show (Because I failed at opening the booklet in the CD or going to their Facebook ahead of time) is a two piece band. This blew me away, not because I haven’t seen a two piece band before I mean come on I’ve seen Local H many times! Come to find out this would be my first of TWO, two piece bands last week, you’ll see :). These guys just have that HUGE of a sound in some of their songs, I didn’t think it could possibly be just two of them playing. Sure enough they took stage and blew minds for a good half hour or so! Never fear, if you missed this performance they are playing at the Ready Room here in St. Louis on October 5th as a headlining show, that should be pretty damn cool and a great venue for that show! Tour Dates for the September/October run shown below:



If you haven’t figured out the dates yet they are written in the more traditional European Format with the date/month/year.
Well this wouldn’t be a photo album without photos, enjoy and hopefully more will come from the headlining show in October!

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