Photo Album: Marty Friedman feat. Exmortus @ Fubar (St. Louis,MO)

Very seldom is there a tour that comes around with just TWO acts and no local bands are added to the bill. Even more seldom is it that the opening act is just as amazing live as the headlining act! Well Saturday’s show of Marty Friedman  featuring opening act Exmortus of LA met both those requirements!

Early on we had tried setting up an interview with either band, just cause well for a while now we have grown fond of Exmortus (Though we still had yet to see them live) and well its Marty Friedman. . he played with Megadeth, why the fuck wouldn’t we want to interview him. Time had gone by and we hadn’t really heard anything from either band, it wasn’t looking great. Well a few days before the show we reached out to our contact for the show and she informed us that though Friedman was pretty busy during this tour she would hook us up with Exmortus!! We set up the interview for just before the doors at 7 which slowly but surely got pushed back to 8 and it went off without a hitch. . . you’ll see that later! If you are a follower of the page then you saw our post about being super busy that night, with the concert and then a midnight screening of the movie Turbo Kid (fucking brilliant movie, more on that later). So the later the doors got pushed back the more anxious I became, thinking the show wouldn’t end in time. This is the part where there only being two bands comes in handy! Exmortus took stage promptly at 8:30, only a half hour off schedule really not too bad considering the doors opened an hour later than they were supposed to due to the Marty Friedman meet n greet.

Exmortus is a Thrash metal band from LA, what they don’t tell you on their page or anywhere else for that matter, is how fucking insane their live show is! From the second they took stage to the second they stopped it was nonstop madness and hamming it up for the camera. . ME!! During their set I became a fan for life thinking “this must be what it was like to see bands like Metallica, Slayer, Machine Head, Exodus, Etc. in the early years,” full of energy and just kicking ass and taking names! I really didn’t want their set to end, but after their rendition of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata (act 3)” which SLAYS live and the final song of latest album (Slave to the Sword) “Metal is King” a.k.a. “Marty is King” their fun filled set of madness came to an end.

The other great thing about this tour was that both bands are sharing equipment as far as the stage set up goes so there wasn’t really much down time between bands. Once the mighty Marty Friedman took stage with his band I was immediately sold. From the band getting pumped in Japanese with what I could only imagine “READY TO ROCK” being repeated before they started the set?? To the being in presence of a metal GOD, everything was like a dream. Not to mention his most adorable bass player, Kiyoshi, and his psychotic (at least on the drums) Drummer, Chargeeeeee, were the most photogenic musicians I have seen in a while. I was going to try and put my camera away after the first few songs but Chargeeeeee and Kiyoshi made it hard to do. it sucked to see their set come to an end, thought they played for a good hour and a half! We even got a bass solo that led in to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Higher Ground” which I kid you not she is an outstanding bassist, but I suppose nothing but the best for Marty! Throughout the set we also got a solo from touring guitarist Jordan! Overall it was a spectacular set from both bands, Marty and his band were very impressed with what St. Louis had to offer. . we look forward to seeing him again!

After the concert I went to see the Brutal/Cheesy movie that is Turbo Kid. If you aren’t familiar with this movie it was done by the same guy that did Hobo with a Shotgun and it was gut wrenching!! I might do a review on the movie a little later but for now enjoy the pictures!!



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