Photo Album: Ghost & Purson @ the Pageant (St. Louis, MO)

Ghost is one of those bands where you either love them or you hate them, and that goes with a lot of metal blogs as well. Fortunately for you all here we LOVE Ghost, well rather we enjoy them very much. I mean nothing really beats Satanic lyrics sung over a 70’s Synth Metal sound in a Italian vampire voice brought to you by the ever amazing Papa Emeritus III. Not that the ‘III’ really matters, we all know its the same guy or at least I hope you can tell its the same voice on all three records. Well, the anonymous band has had many runs through the United States since they formed as a band in 2006, three of which came through St. Louis. Their first time through St. Louis really wasn’t fair as it was on the tour with Deftones and Avenged Sevenfold and I feel like not too many people knew who they were at that show because lets face it, Avenged Sevenfold fans took over the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater that night. . Flash forward to the show last week and they are practically filling the Pageant (a venue with 2300 capacity) on a headlining show and that is pretty exciting.

The concert started at about 8pm when Purson graced us with their presence. Purson is a very Psychedelic Classic Rock band from England, fronted by the beautiful Rosalie Cunningham totally blew us away. I hadn’t heard their music before then, so I was completely pleased with Ghosts choice of the opening act this time around. Granted I would have loved to have seen them with Mastodon or Enslaved or something in their earlier tours but this was equally as great. What I loved most about Purson was their stage presence and how they all dressed in 70’s era clothing. . maybe 60’s I am pretty bad when it comes to clothing styles and what not?!? Either way their music and clothing were a perfect fit for what they were trying to do. If you are catching Ghost on this tour get there early and support these guys and gal(s). . . if you meet them in person you will know what I mean by gal(s).

By the time Ghost took stage, everyone was refreshed from that excellent set from Purson that we were all ready for some of the glorious hymns that Ghost was to perform in their 2 hour set. . that’s right I said 2 hours!!! They played all their jams including some new favorites like “Mummy Dust,” “Cirice” and more. Being the 3rd time I had seen the band I was ready for almost everything they threw at us. . however they gave us a few curveballs and I couldn’t have been happier with them. First curveball and second almost went hand in hand they did an Acoustic version of “Idolatrine” and Papa had taken off his Pope Robe and came out in a tuxedo and slicked back hair, a very nice look considering they were playing a longer set than normal, probably gets pretty hot under that robe of his. Curveball #3, during the song “Body and Blood” they had nuns serve communion to the first row of the floor, one of the nuns was Lizzy Hale of Halestorm! The 4th and final curveball was the Keytar solo. . you heard me KEYTAR. . . Fucking epic! They closed out the night with “Monstrance Clock” and the crowd singing the chorus loudly and proudly, myself included. The best part of the whole concert was the fact that I got to photograph it all, so please be kind and check out my photos, comment on the ones you like. I am pretty proud of these myself, so enjoy!

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