Photo Album: Sanctuary @ Fubar St. Louis, MO

Since the day this concert was announced what feels like almost a year ago, words could not express how excited I was. I have been a HUGE fan of Nevermore and while this is about Sanctuary, I had never gotten to see Nevermore live (they always cancelled).  Needless to say this was going to be the closest I was going to get to seeing Nevermore live, unless there’s a reunion down the road?!? While I have no incite on a Nevermore reunion, I do know that what I saw was really fucking amazing! The night started off with local act Melrusus, before the show I wasn’t too familiar with them, but they were pretty kick ass. Nothing really stood out for me to remember about their set, granted Sanctuary played later that night, ’nuff said. They had a cute Guitarist wearing a Trap Them shirt, their music was solid and it fit fairly well with the band they were there supporting. Next up was local act VII, I had seen them once before opening for Texas Black Metal act Absu (fucking great concert if you get a chance to see them do yourself a favor and just go). To be honest I wasn’t into VII at the Absu show, all things set aside it was their first show and well their style wasn’t very Absu friendly and well dammit I just wanted to watch Absu!! Having given them a second chance they were really fucking good. . they meshed well with Sanctuary’s style I liked them much more this time around and well they put on a hell of a show.

We took a break from VII’s set in order to sit down with the man behind Sanctuary and Nevermore Mr. Warrel Dane! We were lucky enough to interview him (which HOLY SHIT its done and waiting on me for photos) and what a great guy. He was funny to listen to and brought up some interesting things, like how much you can make as a voice actor/actress. . . we are in the wrong line of business. That aside we got to talk with him for about 10 minutes and it was pretty fucking exciting for us to be sitting there with him. Once the interview was done we got back to our spots so I could continue photographing the show just in time for Sanctuary to take stage! The shocking turnout of roughly 40-50 people was quite disappointing but as soon as Sanctuary took stage the crowd did not disappoint. At one point during the show Warrel even said “you might be small in number, but you are insane St. Louis” something along those lines. As I said I was a huge Nevermore fan, meaning I wasn’t as familiar as I could have been with Sanctuary’s music. . . granted wrote up a nice review of their new album “The Year the Sun Died” around this time last year, so those songs I knew. It was great however to hear some of the classic old songs that I listen to from time to time like ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Eden Lies Obscured’ amongst many others. During the set Warrel even played a little bit of peek-a-boo withe me (you’ll know the picture when you see it). Had I listened to them just a little more before the show I woulda been able to sing along to all the songs, but even without being able to do that it was great to see them perform. Be sure to check out this tour when it strolls through your town!

Check out my photos below and enjoy!

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