Sweden’s Transport League returns with new single “Hallelujah Vampire”

It has been years since I had heard anything from the mighty Transport League. I first heard them back in the early 2000’s with their single ‘Disconnect Massconnect‘  from the “Grand Amputation” EP and was instantly hooked. They had this evil/industrial sound to them and a really good groove. They had continued to please my ears with their music for the next few years as I went into their back catalogue with albums like  “Superevil” and “Satanic Panic” and then later in 2003 they had released the full length “Multiple Organ Harvest” to finish up the deal they were on and went on to other projects (M.A.N.) for a bit. That was a little disheartening as I was really wanting more Transport League, and to my disbelief in 2009 they regrouped for a couple reunion shows and in 2013 released their first album in 10 years, “Boogie From Hell!”While their sound changed a bit to a more southern metal, no complaints here, they were still keeping it evil and groovy. Flash forward today and they are still at it with the release of their second album coming out this week on November 6th, here is the first single ‘Hallelujah Vampire’ from the album “Napalm Bats and Suicide Dogs,” brace yourselves for some good old fashioned Southern Rock of Sweden’s Transport League!


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