Band Interview: GWAR

Take it from us; if you’re fan of metal music, but especially if you also work in metal media coverage, intergalactic Scumdogs GWAR are, without a doubt, one of those bands that you tend to become aware of rather naturally. For three whole [Earth] decades now, GWAR has been literally and figuratively destroying fans, venues, and any opposition across our puny, insignificant planet with their bloody, brutally satirical brand of music and equally unique stage show. And if you’re a publication that prides itself on producing and distributing metal news and related content like horror and sci-fi news, scoring an interview with GWAR is pretty much like winning the lottery.

Fortunately for Damnation Magazine, we were given that opportunity when GWAR stopped their caravan of insanity and hilarity at their local splattering hole in our area, Pop’s in Sauget, IL (just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO). While on their Thirtieth Anniversary Tour with Butcher Babies and Battlecross – who we also interviewed that night – as well as local openers ThorHammer, Matt and Nick were fortunate enough to converse with GWAR’s guitarist, Pustulus Maximus, just before he would join his battalion of bandmates on stage (so we were under a bit of a time crunch, but still grateful that we gained the interview opportunity). There, the very gracious and charismatic space barbarian enlightened us on his thoughts of several topics, including playing our area for so long in their career, the current socio-political climate, and the fact that they were performing on September 11th.

In addition, Matt also took advantage of being able to talk to a foremost expert within GWAR on their connection to Earth’s prehistoric past, as he has been an avid fan of paleontology his whole life – seriously, dinosaurs are the one thing that the guy loves more than metal. Please enjoy the chronicling of our commentary in the video below!

This is another project of ours in which we must give great thanks to Mr. Jon Freeman of Freeman Productions for all of the work that he has done in partnership with Damnation Magazine; his commitment and patience to working with our little corner of the Internet is profoundly appreciated! We also want to thank GWAR’s tour manager Eddie, who we first met several months prior as tour manager when we interviewed Coal Chamber, for working us into his surely busy schedule wrangling barbaric heavy metal space aliens. Check out Nick’s photo gallery from the show here!

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