Photo Gallery: Cannibal Corpse @ The Ready Room (St. Louis)

It’s not too often that a tour package gets announced with two of the heaviest hitting Death Metal acts out there alongside to strong up and coming bands, that isn’t a festival of some sorts. Very early this year the tour featuring Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy and Abysmal Dawn was announced and soon thereafter was here and gone. This was a tour for all metal heads, young and old, to just sit back and be destroyed by the bands that took stage.

I remember being very excited when I caught wind that this tour was coming around, not because it was Cannibal Corpse and Obituary playing together (though that was very enticing). No, I was excited because it was coming to one of my favorite venues in St. Louis, The Ready Room. Not only that, but fucking Cryptopsy was on the bill!! Cryptopsy hasn’t been through St. Louis in almost 10 years, it was the first or second Summer Slaughter, when Vader or Black Dahlia Murder was headlining (Aborted and Kataklysm were supposed to play but their bus broke down) and it was a phenomenal show at Pop’s. Overall the entire lineup was something I had been waiting for, for a long time. I’ve seen all the bands before, so it wasn’t like I was seeing these bands for the first time. However, seeing them all again in a venue so close to home (literally right down the street from me, its great) was something to write home about. That and seeing Cannibal Corpse and Obituary in a setting other than Pop’s Nightclub was a breath of fresh air, not to mention just a far better experience (if you’ve been to Pop’s you’d understand).

I got to the venue early enough to grab a bite to eat down at this great place a block or two down from the venue called the Gramophone, and got a club sandwich and a SKI soda. There were a few metal heads pre drinking before the show there, its always nice to see support of local businesses like that when getting ready for a show. Once I finished, I met up with Damnation Steve and Damnation Contributor Chris, Matt showed up a bit later, but I wanted to make sure my photo credentials were all good to go. They did take a while to get my photo wrist band, due to random miscommunications more than anything, which can happen at a big show like this so I wasn’t too worried. I got it just in time for Abysmal Dawn to take stage! To my surprise there was a barricade for me to shoot in front of, I don’t know if its the venue or band playing that chooses whether or not to have a barricade set up, but I wish more would do it at this venue. . . Makes for easier shooting!

Abysmal Dawn took stage and started everyone off with a swift kick in the ass. Though their set seemed short, Singer/Guitar player Charles Elliott had full control of the crowd from the get go! Playing fan favorites from albums past on top of a couple gems from the 2014 album, Obsolescense, the crowd was in a pit from the start of their set to the end. Next up, was Montreal’s Cryptopsy and while there is a love/hate for this band with a lot of metal heads since Lord Worm left, much of that was left behind when the band took stage. Playing songs from fan favorite, None So Vile, and mixing it up with their new EP, Self-Titled and Unspoken King albums the quartet showed that not only did they not need Lord Worm’s help to win the audiences  approval, but that they could perform the songs just as well, if not better also.

Obituary was up next, performing many of the fan favorites, we missed a few of their songs due to an interview with Matt (vocals) of Cryptopsy, but it was easy to say that they were the crowd favorite of the night. Cannibal Corpse always destroys, but Obituary is one of those bands that just goes above and beyond when they perform. That night their performance outshone even Cannibal’s, which lately isn’t too hard to do. I mean lets get real if you have seen Cannibal Corpse ones you have seen them a thousand fucking times, not to say that their set is boring at all. Cannibal Corpse is one of those bands you could see over and over and it will always be the most brutal time you have seen them. There hasn’t been a single time I have seen them perform, at this point its probably in the double digits, that I thought man what a shitty show. No, Cannibal Corpse shows are always worth the money you pay for them, because no other band puts on a show that is as unrelenting and just in your face fucking brutal as they do!

Needless to say through out half of their set I was talking to the guys in Cryptopsy as to why it was necessary for Lord Worm to exit the band. He just couldn’t do the touring life anymore and with his new band Rage Nucleaire he can do just that. Put out an album, do a couple shows and relax the rest of the year until it’s time for a new album. We discussed many bands that night that are in similar boats, for the people that say Death Metal vocals take no talent, talk to the ones that do it night after night for years and if you still think the same way then prove us wrong, please!

I’ve gotten away from the topic at hand. Overall, the show was fucking ruthless and a much needed show to release some stress that is brought upon us from our daily lives. Rumor has it that Cryptopsy will be coming back with a pretty stellar lineup in the fall. Now we can’t tell you the Origin of where we heard this and telling you the band names is Beyond our Creation…err I mean pay level, we just can’t say, but lets just say that it would be a very crazy fucking show and we hope it comes through St. Louis!

Check out my photos below and as always share, like and comment on the ones that strike your interest! Until next time!


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