Album Review: Game Over – Crimes Against Reality & Burst Into The Quiet


When it comes to Italy, most people think of beautiful scenery, beautiful women, romance, that leaning tower and the build up of one of the greatest empires in our history the Roman Empire. . . Ok at least one of the greatest empires in our history. I guess we aren’t most people, because when we think of Italy, we think of bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse, Elvenking, Graveworm, Hour of Penance and Lacuna Coil just to name a few! Most recently, well ok a year or so ago we got sent music from the band Game Over, a Thrash Metal band from Ferrara, Italy and gave them a spin. I knew I would instantly like them when I saw song titles like “Nuke ’em High,””The Eyes (Of the Mad Gardner),”Seven Doors To Hell,” and “Metropolis pt.3” (yes, the 3rd part to Dream Theater‘s Metropolis songs). Do you love fast songs with crazy solos? Yes, then Game Over is for you.

Upon first listen, I was instantly hooked! My girlfriend even commented on the album as well, when she first heard that I was listening to a Thrash Metal band (her favorite metal genre). Burst Into The Quiet was released in 2014, via Scarlet Records out of Italy as the bands second full length album. I still have yet to listen to their debut album, For Humanity, though I’m sure it’s equally as wonderful. The first song off the album, “Masters of Control” immediately kicks off and reminds you of the Bay Area Thrash scene. That’s right they have that old school thrash sound that got popular back in the mid/late 80s, all while giving it that European touch.

What I truly love is that they keep it old school with the gang chants (which I am glad have never really been fazed out), quick thrash riffs and a drummer that knows how to keep up. The whole Burst Into the Quiet album is mind blowing but the songs that really stood out to me were the aforementioned “Masters of Control” and my personal favorite (made a ringtone out of it) “C.H.U.C.K.” surprisingly just named after their friend Chuck, not the popular American Spy  TV show from a few years back as I had thought. Really though there isn’t much bad about the album, unless too short is a complaint. At just over 34 minutes, this is a great album to listen to on repeat for a road trip.

1. Masters of Control 04:07   Show lyrics
2. Seven Doors to Hell 03:44   Show lyrics
3. The Eyes (of the Mad Gardner) 04:32   Show lyrics
4. C.H.U.C.K. 03:41   Show lyrics
5. No More 04:19   Show lyrics
6. Metropolis Pt.3 00:27   Show lyrics
7. Trapped Inside Your Mind 04:44   Show lyrics
8. Nuke ‘Em High 04:28   Show lyrics
9. Burst into the Quiet 04:31   Show lyrics

Rating: 5/5


For a whole different experience, well not too different still Thrash driven in every way Crimes Against Reality, which is to be released tomorrow April 15th in the U.S., starts with a more melodic introduction than Burst Into The Quiet did. “What Lies Within…” is a minute and a half introduction to the album that really shows off the bands skills and leads right into “33 Park Street” for an ass kicking! In case you haven’t noticed it yet, Game Over like to use Horror Movie and Social issues as a common theme in their lyrical content. They tone things down a bit during “With All That Is Left” which is a much needed ballad in the onslaught that ensues throughout the album and actually one of my favorites on the Crimes album.

Other songs on this album that caught my ear were “Just A Little Victory,” “Gates of Ishtar,” “Crimes Against Reality,” and “Neon Maniacs.” You can tell band has grown in their instruments with this album, no longer are the songs just straight forward thrash songs. With some prolonged intros, I feel there may be a little influence of Testament‘s Alex Skolnick here. Game Over are here to stand the test of time, I really hope to hear more from them in the future.

1. What Lies Within… 01:23
2. 33 Park Street 04:03   Show lyrics
3. Neon Maniacs 03:37   Show lyrics
4. With All That Is Left 05:49   Show lyrics
5. Astral Matter 06:26   Show lyrics
6. Fugue in D minor (allegro ma non troppo) 00:45   Show lyrics
7. Just a Little Victory 03:05   Show lyrics
8. Gates of Ishtar 04:35   Show lyrics
9. Crimes Against Reality 07:28   Show lyrics
10. Fix Your Brain 03:51   Show lyrics

Rating: 5/5

I was lucky enough to catch these guys this past Tuesday on the US Extermination Tour featuring Condition Critical of New Jersey and it was a fucking blast. I highly urge you to check out this banner below and catch the nearest show for you won’t be disappointed! Be on the look out for a review and photo album of that show coming soon!

US extermination Tour

RIYL: Testament, Kreator, Metallica, Sodom, Havok

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