Album Review: Astronoid – Air

Band: Astronoid

Album: Air

Released: June 10th 2016

Label: Blood Music 

Rating: 5/5

is a 5 piece band from Groveland, Massachusets that is guaranteed to be something you’ve never heard before. Founded in 2012, Astronoid has released two acclaimed EP’s titled Stargazer and November and is now making their rounds with their first full length album titled Air which was released June 10th via Blood Music. The band consists of Brett Boland (Vocals/guitar), Daniel Schwartz (Bass), Casey Aylward (Lead Guitar), Mike DeMellia (Rhythm Guitar) and Matt St. Jean (Drums). 

With influences ranging from Cynic to Devin Townsend, this album sets itself apart from the norm and is very easy to tell who influences them. Described as “happy metal” by their fans and listeners as it doesn’t contain screaming vocals, it still holds true to the metal aspect with the instrumentals. From heavy guitar tones, powerful drumming, superb bass lines and soft ambient lyrics, this album amazes me and is a nice switch up from what I normally listen to. 

If I were to breifly describe this album, I would describe it as a book with a happy ending. Each track flows together nicely and really makes it easy to listen to. The guitar work gives me a happy, positive feeling that I rarely find in bands these days and the vocals compliment that perfectly. Lyrically, the album conveys a hopeful view of the world and is yet again something you don’t find too often. Without doubt, this album is something that I will be listening to a lot, and will happily spread around. 

Air is now streaming on bandcamp and can be yours for whatever price youd like to pay. For mself, I will be purchasing this album because the quality in not only the album, but the composition of the tracks blow me away. Its obvious that this wasn’t thrown together over night and I can really appreciate that. 

RIYl: Cynic, Decin Townsend, Alcest, Mew, Enslaved

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