Steve K’s Top 10 Lists of 2016

If you thought Chris’ post was late, think again! The year of 2-0-1-6 was more insane – and busier – than any previous year for myself, and that has continued in 2017. I started last year fixing up a house in South Saint Louis where my girlfriend and I would begin inhabiting in early February, the same weekend that we found out we were expecting an unexpected surprise – a baby! Needless to say, from that point on life consisted of getting house stuff done, preparing for our new arrival and trying to spend time with each other before our lives became focused on our number one priority.

So, as you read my lists below, you’ll probably ask yourself “what about that new album from _____?!” or “what about the ____ show?!” as if I left out your pick for best album of the century. Well, truth be told, I missed a lot of the release dates and was late to the party, so to speak, on some of 2016 anticipated metal releases because, well, read the first paragraph again. In any case, these are the top albums, EPs and shows that were first to come to my mind as my favorites of 2016. Enjoy.

Top 10 Albums 

  1. AllegaeonProponent for Sentience
  2. After the Burial Dig Deep
  3. Devin Townsend ProjectTranscendence
  4. Amon AmarthJomsviking
  5. GojiraMagma
  6. Black Crown InitiateSelves We Cannot Forgive
  7. ExmortusRide Forth
  8. Animals As LeadersThe Madness of Many
  9. Fleshgod ApocalypseKing
  10. MeshuggahThe Violent Sleep of Reason
Top 10 EPs
  1. ApotheonThe Ascension
  2. Anup SastryBloom
  3. GruesomeDimensions of Horror 
  4. AbortedTermination Redux
  5. Lamb of GodThe Duke
  6. GhostPopestar
  7. DysrhythmiaVeil of Control
  8. StengahMechanic of the Sphere
  9. Sam LanyonTracks
  10. Vipassi Sunyata

Top 10 Concerts of 2016:

  1. Dark Tranquillity, Enforcer, Swallow the Sun, Starkill @ Fubar (StL, MO)
  2. Devin Townsend Project, BtBaM, Fallujah @ Mercury Ballroom (Louisville, KY)
  3. Meshuggah, High On Fire @ The Pageant (StL, MO)
  4. Amon Amarth, Entombed A.D., Exmortus @ The Pageant
  5. Black Crown Initiate @ Fubar
  6. Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy, Abysmal Dawn @ The Ready Room
  7. Intervals, Plini, Angel Vivaldi, Save Us From the Archon @ Fubar
  8. CHON, Polyphia, Strawberry Girls @ The Firebird
  9. Epica, Moonspell, Starkill  @ The Ready Room
  10. Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, After the Burial, Erra @ The Ready Room

My Pick for Reaching Legendary Status in 2016:

Sir Paul McCartney @ Busch Stadium 

Paul McCartney @ Busch Stadium

Paul McCartney @ Busch Stadium

Paul McCartney @ Busch Stadium

Paul McCartney @ Busch Stadium

Paul McCartney @ Busch Stadium

Panorama of Paul McCartney @ Busch Stadium

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