Album Review:Cultural Warfare – Future Kill ep


Band: Cultural Warfare
Album: Future Kill EP
Release Date: January 27, 2017
Record Label: M-Theory Audio

One of the many downfalls of reviewing albums, aside from choosing which album to review, is how do you make sure you are fair and just. Some people will listen to an album many times before writing up a solid review. I on the other hand, am usually listening to the album while I am writing. I give it a solid listen beforehand usually, but once I have that first listen, I turn that bitch back on and write away. It almost always depends on what the album is that I can do that and be certain I gave an accurate depiction of what I thought of the album, and almost always it is an EP. Full Lengths are harder to do that with, unless it is an album like oh I dunno, Devin Townsends Z2 album which after one listen I knew exactly what I wanted to say, as I was so full of excitement since I had been awaiting the album for YEARS!

Alas, onto the review. EP’s are relatively easy to review as they are so short, you don’t need to spend paragraphs talking about 5 or so songs. In this case, let me start out by saying that I have been listening to all kinds of metal for a long time now and I know I haven’t even scratched the surface. I am constantly finding out about new bands that came out in the 80s/90s that I just never gave a chance or never really heard of because I led more of a sheltered life in my youth. Sure I’d heard of Slayer, Metallica, Testament but bands like Vio-lence and Forbidden slipped right under my radar. Why do I bring this up, its simple, Cultural Warfare hails from the bay area just like the rest of these bands. It is clear they get some influences from the bands they grew up listening to in their scene. When I asked a friend who they reminded him of after putting in my two cents, he replied back with a little of the same, but the addition of Vio-lence.

Future Kill is a 5 song EP that released January 27, 2017. Upon my first listen I had heard influences of Testament and Judas Priest right away. The album kicks off with a gregorian type chant that leads right into a sure to be classic riff/song “Defy the Blade.” If you are into that old school Thrash Metal sound, go to Spotify and listen to the title track of the album. “Future Kill” has every element you would find in older Testament, Judas Priest and well according to my friend Vio-lence. Everything from fast double bass kick drums, shredding guitars and monstrous vocals that could be a mixture of Chuck Billy and Rob Halford. I was fairly disappointed that the last track “Our Dead Earth” was a minute and a half long outro to the album. I was half expecting a thrashterpiece with a name like that, instead was left with a beautiful outro, just not the way you want to end your EP.

I highly suggest checking this album out, although it may be short, it is quite powerful. I was able to find it on Spotify, so feel free to go check it out. I really hope to see these guys opening for some of the heavy hitters so that they can get their name out there. Future Kill leaves you thirsty for blood, er, more from the Bay Area’s Cultural Warfare!

Rating: 4/5

RIYL: Testament, Judas Priest, Vio-lence

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