Album Review: Haemorrhage – We Are The Gore

I’m not gonna use the C-word in this review, you know the one that rhymes with Schmarkass. Haemorrhage has been around long enough at this point that we don’t need to go slinging around reductive musical comparisons. We Are The Gore is the newest splatterfest from the long-time Spanish goregrind practitioners and, it delivers the red stuff like an HG Lewis movie marathon. What follows is 35 minutes of grisly goregrind, with most songs failing to break 3 minutes. Haemorrhage lays out their thesis statement in “Nauseating Employments” with a tribute to those in the medical field charged with dealing with morbidity and all things fecal. It’s an interesting concept but one that gets quickly tossed to the wayside lyrically. Nevertheless, the blast beats are performed with violent precision, and rarely outstay their welcome. the guitar work is catchy, straightforward, and easily hummable even after a cursory listen. The guitar solos are fun and add a bit of flavor to the sanguine proceedings. The vocals occasionally get buried under everything and it gets hard to distinguish one voice from 3, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out you seem like a smart one. WATG brings the guts, gore, and gross but never forgets to be fun for the listener. I give this album, 5 torsos and a pelvis tied to the bumper of a car.

-Doctor Pretorius M.D. (medical deviate)



Haemorrhage Bandcamp


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