Queens of the Stone Age @ The Peabody Opera House – 10-12-17

I had the pleasure and honor of shooting one of my favorite bands, Queens of the Stone Age at one of St. Louis’ coolest venues, The Peabody Opera House.

The current line-up featuring the multi-instrumentalist suit-clad Troy Van Leeuwen (A Perfect Circle, Failure) on guitar and could-be-Olympic drummer (if that was a thing) Jon Theadore (The Mars Volta, A Day as a Lion) show the band at their absolute best. They presented a tasteful mixture of old and new songs, which are all great, that flowed nicely. Not much to say other than it was an awesome show. I give it 5 beers.
The photographers were confined to a small corner of the pit area, not to obstruct front row seating fans’ view. The stage was filled with L.E.D. light poles that looked like a ski course, that the band had fun knocking around, which looked great but obstructed us from getting clear shots of the band members. Not to mention some keyboards and Troy’s slide-guitar. But I still managed to make the most out of our three song limit. Enjoy.
-Jason Hackett

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