Album Review: Jupiterian – Terraforming

JUPITERIAN – Terraforming

Releases on November 15, 2017 on Transcending Obscurity

By Richard Jaspering

The idea of musicians’ anonymity should be widely known in the realms of extreme metal, but it can help create a forbidding aesthetic that Brazilian masked collective Jupiterian embody well in their second full-length.

This murky, massive work welcomes you with the sounds of eldritch ritual and throws you headlong into slow, rhythmic punishment care of members G and R, with gross sonic dissonance and puncturing riff hooks supplied by A and V. Dutch metal master Maurice De Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues) not only mixed the album but provided a guest role on the track “Forefathers,” and it is a burning hell of a song, weighing in keenly with the remainder of the album.

Terraforming occasionally divides the sound terrain with churning, hypnotizing bass and synthesizer ambience, augmented by doomed choral howling. I’m reminded of the sounds in Bigas Lunas’ film Anguish, when Zelda Rubinstein (the little old lady from Poltergeist) hypnotizes her lunatic son into murder via sounds and spirals.

In “Us And Them,” drummer G picks up the pace neatly in ways not otherwise heard on the album, through plenty of double bass and steady, thrashing paces. The overall picture isn’t compromised by the difference, and, to me, it’s Jupiterian’s definitive track on this record. The transitions throughout this one are a smart contrast to the overall gray, crushing feel of it. It bleeds without effort into the conclusion, a solar anthem of staggering construct called “Sol” which may feel heavier than the rest of this already dense release.

In all, it’s a solid and very heavy exercise in atmospheric sludge with brief glimpses into the musicians’ respective expertise and it bodes well for their bright future in grim territories.

Rating: 4 out of 5

For fans of: Boris, Eyehategod, Deathspell Omega

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