Album Review: Power Quest – The Sixth Dimension


Band: Power Quest
Album: The Sixth Dimension
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Review By: Todd Naevestad


Power Quest began in 2001 when Steve Williams left DragonHeart to do his own project. With their first album in 2002, Power Quest has managed to maintain themselves in the music world, despite numerous band member changes. Their last album was released in 2011 and they’ve been quiet since then, only releasing an EP in late 2016 as a forerunner to their sixth studio album, fittingly named “Sixth Dimension.” Did their time away bring them a breath of fresh air, or is this only for the nostalgic?

One of the first things I noticed is how clear the lyrics are. Ashley Edison as lead singer is impeccable with his singing. Nothing was ever lost to me amid the rest of the song components. That clarity made it not only easy to hear the lyrics, but to also sing along. The album as a whole is the kind of work that is fun to sing along to. And as an added bonus, the lyrics are all really positive. The main message is that no matter how dark things seem, tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity. Of course, backing the lyrics is solid music work. Sixth Dimension leans more into the melodic and catchy kind of music than other metal albums in the same genre. While it’s not all that head-bangy, it can still keep you rocking along. Featuring some strong drum lines and sections of epic breakdowns, the skill here is obvious.

The problem is, that’s about it. While I can say it’s fun to listen to a few times and the mechanical talent is unquestionable, it seems to lack any real soul. While the lyrics are uplifting, there’s no cohesion in them. A step in the right direction would have been to have some kind of theme or throughline in the album that tied each song into the next on. For an album called “Sixth Dimension” they could have done so much, an epic sci-fi journey or a magic voyage through space and time. Instead, it’s just got some general ideas and positive vibes. Not all that engaging. That same milquetoast attitude extends to the rest of the music. None of the songs are individually memorable. They tend to have a sound that I’ve heard before, and better. It’s not an album I plan to come back to, and even now, I’m having a hard time really making specific claims about it. It exists, it’s got some good parts, but it’s nothing magical.

I think this boils down to whether you’re a fan of Power Quest or not. If you’ve been waiting for their return, you’re probably already a fan of their sound. This album is for you then. However, if you’re like me and like to try a wide breadth of power and symphonic metal then there’s not a lot to offer here. To be clear, this is not a bad album from the technical side. It’s just uninspired. There’s some enjoyment to be gotten out of it, but not much more.

Rating: 3 out of 6 Dimensions

Recommended Bands: DragonForce, Elvellon, GloryHammer

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