Doctor Pretorius’ End of 2017 List

My 2017 list is noticeably light on the gore this year. 2017 proved once again that doom is alive and not so well. Paradise Lost/Pallbearer/Bell Witch have three very distinct and modern approaches to the genre that don’t rely on trying to convince you that its magically 1974 again. That being said, Ulver and Drab Majesty do a bang up job trying to convince you that its 1984 again. Necrot and Full of Hell represent the best new Death Metal and Grindcore bands working today. Steven Wilson and Thundercat both blend the worlds of progressive rock and pop music simultaneously. Not to mention the continued existence of Godflesh, surpassing the reunion hype and putting out a weird and wonderful new record. I’ve included some special mentions there at the bottom with 3 very extreme eps that help modernize the Repulsion sound for 2017. I truly can’t wait for full lengths from all three of these bands. As well as the return of Morbid Angel and the earworm that is Grave Pleasures. If you have any questions or concerns just keep them to yourself.

Tied for 11th place.

Morbid Angel Kingdoms Disdained

Grave PleasuresMotherblood

10. GodfleshPost Self

9. NecrotBlood Offerings

8. Steven WilsonTo The Bone

7. Bell WitchMirror Reaper

6. Drab MajestyThe Demonstration

5. ThundercatDrunk

4. PallbearerHeartless

3. Full of HellTrumpeting Ecstasy

2. Paradise LostMedusa

1. UlverThe Assassination of Julius Caesar


Extremity – Extremely Fucking Dead

Witch Vomit – Poisoned Blood

Expulsion – Nightmare Future

-From the desk of Dr. Pretorius MD (Medical Deviate)

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