Steve K’s Top 10 Lists of 2017

Top 10 Albums of 2017

  1. AlestormNo Grave But the Sea
    • You’d think the whole pirate gag would get old after a while, eh? Not to me! I love this band more and more with every new album they write.
  2. EnsiferumTwo Paths
    • Another epic release from the Finnish folk metal masters, and arguably one of their best albums since Petri Lindroos took over as frontman in 2004.
  3. Within the RuinsHalfway Human
    • A good rip-roaring collection of widdly-diddly-doo’s and wingly-wangly-woo-s mixed with complex, yet precisely-triggered drumming and hunky, chunky seven-string chaos.
  4. SepticfleshCodex Omega
    • So stoked that the Greek orchestral metal geniuses didn’t keep us waiting for the follow-up to 2014’s colossal masterpiece, Titan.
  5. Scale the SummitIn a World of Fear
    • I don’t think I will ever get bored of Chris Letchford‘s progressive, instrumental finger-tapping-good tunes. It’s been fun watching him evolve from a wavy blonde-haired kid from California into a muscly, short-haired guitar extraordinaire residing deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
  6. Ne ObliviscarisUrn
    • Well, I’d convinced that nothing could top Citadel… Until Urn came out this year… Have mercy…
  7. ObituaryObituary
    • A resounding statement from the Florida death metal veterans with their 10th studio album. It is Obituary in their truest, humblest and rawest form.
  8. WintersunThe Forest Seasons
    • Not bad for what critics and fans have referred to as “something to listen to while waiting for Jari Mäenpää to produce Time II“… Not bad at all… Plus, the instrumental versions of the songs are always a welcome bonus.
  9. IntervalsThe Way Forward
    • Aaron Marshall has done it again, folks. Keeping the groovy instrumental vibes going while featuring more fellow guitar virtuosos in the process. Looking forward to seeing him in Saint Louis again on Saturday, January 20th at FUBAR.
  10. The FacelessIn Becoming a Ghost
    • After teasing us with a single in 2015 that featured Demon Carcass back on vocals, it only took two and a half more years for the new album to come out. Unfortunately, said vocalist is merely a guest on a few tracks, but Abigail Williams vocalist Ken Sorceron picks up the slack and adds a new, crushing feel to the post-Planetary Duality, Michael-Keene-era of The Faceless.


Top 10 Concerts of 2017

  1. Ozzy Osbourne @ Moonstock 2017 (Performing “Bark At the Moon” during the Total Solar Eclipse at 1:20 PM) in Carterville, IL (Carbondale)
    • On a hot & sweaty summer day in the middle of nowhere Illinois (two hours outside of St. Louis), Ozzy came, barked and conquered. A truly epic moment in metal history that those in attendance will never, ever forget. It honestly took my breath away.
  2. Iron Maiden & Ghost @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater (St. Louis)
    • Just when you’re regretting your decision to attend an outside show with a sweltering evening temperature of 105*, Bruce Dickenson proves it to be worth it. Sporting a black hoodie for the first three songs, the British heavy metal icon stopped at nothing to deliver a top-teir performance.
  3. A Perfect Circle @ Chaifetz Arena (St. Louis)
    • Maynard… with APC… on 4/20… Need I say more?! @_@
  4. Devin Townsend Project, Thank You Scientist! & Oni @ The Ready Room (St. Louis)
    • After years and years of Nick begging local promoters venues around St. Louis, “Hevy Devy” finally came back to town. Much like he said on stage, nowhere else will you find grown men playing with puppets.
  5. Gojira, Torche & Agent Orange @ Pop’s in Sauget, IL (St. Louis)
    • The French brothers still rule the extreme metal scene. I REALLY liked Magma before, but I LOVED it after hearing the new tunes live.
  6. Haken, Sithu Aye & Mammoth @ Delmar Hall (St. Louis)
    • Huge score for prog fans in & around St. Louis with this tour. I was interested initially because guitar phenom Sithu Aye was on the bill. Mammoth and Haken were both pleasant surprises of whom I quickly became a fan.
  7. Tengger Cavalry & Felix Martin @ FUBAR (St. Louis)
    • Throat singing, ancient Chinese instruments AND Felix Martin opening?! What an interesting night of unique music this really was.
  8. Animals As Leaders, Veil of Maya & Alluvial @ The Ready Room
    • I was as equally excited for Alluvial as I was for AAL, and Keith Merrow‘s crew did not disappoint. Still hoping to see Merrow perform his solo material live someday…
  9. Chicago Open Air 2017 (Day III: Sunday, 7/16) ft. DED, whores., Devildriver, Kyng, HellYeah!, Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Stone Sour, Slayer and the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne @ Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL (Chicago)
    • A long day of fun in the sun with my official COA drinking horn, local and regional brews from the Headbangers Bier Hall and a solid lineup of metal’s best. Plus, it was the day after my birthday, so happy freakin’ birthday to ME!
  10. MetallicA & Volbeat @ Busch Stadium (St. Louis)
    • This was simply awesome. Keep on rocking James Hetfield and your “YEEAAAAH”s. Come back around again, and soon!

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