Silicon Mat Heaters is one of Clarian’s specialities

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Clarian Specialises in Silicon Mat Heaters, they offer a very even spread of temperature over the profile.
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All heater mats are manufactured to conform to the EEC Low Voltage and EMC Directives and are CE marked accordingly. UL approval is available.
The etched foil element type is created by acid etching a circuit in resistance alloy foil. This process ensures excellent circuit pattern repeatability and allows the design of complex heat distribution patterns within the heater area.
Etched foil elements are able to operate at very high watt densities, this is due to the large surface area covered by the foil track. The flat foil track also gives excellent uniformity and faster heat transfer resulting in longer heater life in high power applications.
Etched foil heaters are available in three types of insulation;
Silicone Rubber:
Has superb electrical insulating properties and hightemperature tolerance. The maximum continuous operating temperature is 200°C with shortterm excursions to 230° C.
Polyamide is a thin lightweight organic polymer film that provides excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and dimensional stability. Ideal for applications requiring low outgassing or resistance to radiation, chemicals and solvents. Operating temperature range up to +260° C
Lowcost alternative to silicone rubber and Kapton. Polyester is suitable for lowtemperature applications up to 120° C.
The heaters for small batch runs can be produced as wire wound heaters but for larger production batches we would look to supply etch foil types.
Wire wound heaters are available from one off to larger batch quantities with almost no limit to design variations to satisfy customer specification. A highquality product at competitive prices coupled with fast delivery times all backed up by a full design and technical service to meet our customers’ stringent requirements.
All mats are manufactured to conform to the EEC Low Voltage and EMC Directives and are CE marked accordingly. UL approval is available.
Silicone rubber because of its hightemperature tolerance and superb electrical insulating properties is well suited to the production of heater mats. Heater mats are produced by laminating the evenly spaced resistance wires between two sheets of silicone rubber, reinforced with a glass textile to give improved mechanical strength.
These surface heaters are suitable for applications where precise heating is required. Fine resistance wires accurately and precisely positioned over areas of almost any shape or size. The close even spacing of the wires ensures a uniform heat distribution over the entire working area. The maximum continuous operating temperature for a silicone rubber heater mat is 200°C, allowing for a generous safety margin for short term overtemperature excursions as high as 230°C. Being thin and lightweight, silicone rubber heater mats have a low thermal mass and therefore have rapid heat up characteristics and fast response to temperature control.
Heater mats can be manufactured in almost any size and shape to suit the application, including holes and cutouts without disturbing the even distribution of heat. Also available is a range of inbuilt temperature limiters or temperature sensors to suit customer’s instrumentation.
Surface heaters can be supplied with an acrylic selfadhesive backing to allow for easy positioning and assembly. A separate silicone adhesive system is available if required. These heaters can also be manufactured with eyelets, straps, hooks or Velcro as further options for fixing. As for heaters which are not for static applications we can supply a more rugged silicone material to allow for repeated handling which will give a longer life.
As an addition to our wire wound heaters, we provide etched foil heaters to meet the demands of the OEM market. This enables us to offer flexible heaters in polyamide and Polyester insulation. Available in higher power densities with exceptionally uniform heat output. Custom designs to suit any requirement.
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Silicon Mat Heaters is one of Clarian's specialities

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