Doctor Pretorius’ guide to Psycho Las Vegas pt. II: Saturday

Mork – “I Sulket Av Myra”/  Mork crafts atmospheric mid-nineties Black Metal reminiscent of early Ulver and the first wave of Norwegian Black Metal. I believe this is the Peaceville-band’s North American premiere. I don’t know… Google it I guess.   Tomb Mold – “Beg for Life”/ Tomb Mold play like a forgotten 90’s death metal act….

Doctor Pretorius’ End of 2017 List

My 2017 list is noticeably light on the gore this year. 2017 proved once again that doom is alive and not so well. Paradise Lost/Pallbearer/Bell Witch have three very distinct and modern approaches to the genre that don’t rely on trying to convince you that its magically 1974 again. That being said, Ulver and Drab…