Artist Interview: Snowy Shaw

Damnation Magazine: Thank you, Snowy for taking the time to sit and answer some questions for us. Snowy Shaw: Nemas prob, it’s my pleasure. DM: The new album, White is the New Black, is phenomenal. How does it feel to finally have a proper Snowy Shaw album out, and how has the response been so…

Band Interview: Obituary

So, I suppose at this point we can go ahead and consider this a “Flashback Friday” posting. Way back on November 2, 2014, we here at Damnation Magazine had the opportunity to interview Donald Tardy, drummer of the legendary Florida death metal band Obituary. The band was stopped in Sauget, IL (just across the Mississippi…

Coal chamber: Rivals update (video)

  Ok now this sounds pretty bad ass, can it just come out already? As you may or may not have heard by now, Coal Chamber is coming out with a new album this May! It seems as though the band would like to keep us fans posted as to what is going on in the…

Audio Orgasm of the Week: Trioscapes – Blast Off

Trioscapes (Between The Buried And Me) have released a live performance video for their song “Blast Off” below. The studio version of the song will appear on the groups new album “Separate Realities“, which Metal Blade will release on May 08th. Pre-orders can be found at

Sick Video of the Week: Engel – Question Your Place

Engle consists of members from many various bands, most notably the on again, off again guitarist for In Flames, Niclas Engelin. Engel has a very interesting sound and you can see/hear it all in their latest video for the song ‘Question Your Place’. Enjoy!